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Join or Renew your membership of Carmarthen and District Beekeeping Association.   Membership options cover a full range from a newcomer to bee keeping who does not have any bees to bee farmers.   

Basic Membership is £26 and this includes Bee Disease Insurance for up to three colonies.   As with most insurance products you should insure for the number of colonies you have, or intend to have, during the course of the Season.  If you have more than three colonies further premiums apply.

We use the mojo system to assist our treasurer in maintaining our membership records. A table of the charges is on the front page of the member mojo website.

If in doubt use the Contact Us form to ask for assistance. 

Join the Association or renew your Membership

If you are a newcomer to beekeeping,   we run Beekeeping classes are held each year.   The price of the training program includes membership of the association.   Please contact our Secretary, Stephen Cox, via the Contact Us form if you are interested in the 2021 training program or you need assistance in joining or renewing your membership.